5 Things To Do If Your Dog Eats Something Out Of Your “Special” Drawer

5 Things To Do If Your Dog Eats Something Out Of Your “Special” Drawer

Always check with a vet if you have any concerns regarding your dog’s health.

There is not a single dog owner in the world who has not found their dog eating something they shouldn’t have. I don’t have a source for this claim but if you are the lucky person who has never found a shoe decorated in teeth marks and dog hair, congratulations and I hope your life continues to be perfect.

Even if you pup-proof your home, there’s still a chance your curious dog will find his way into something he shouldn’t. Most people think of putting their shoes and power cords away, but how many people actually secure their bathroom items too?

dog eats kleenex

So what do you do if your dog decides to raid your bathroom cabinet and eat a tampon or condom?

1. Don’t panic.


Your first instinct might be to freak out, not only because your dog might have eaten something dangerous, but because now you’ll have to have that awkward conversation with your vet about how many used tampons your dog has fished out of the bathroom trash can.

2. Try to find out how many your dog ate.


Don’t throw anything out. You can count wrappers or get an estimate by seeing what’s left of the box. This way you can get to your vet with info that will help them decide whether an x-ray needs to happen or if you can just wait for your pup to poop everything out.

3. Know when to rush to the vet.


Pups eat weird things all the time and then poop them out, but that doesn’t mean you should always wait it out. Condoms, sanitary napkins, and tampons are especially dangerous because they can block your dog’s intestinal tract quickly. Signs of intestinal blockage include vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, weight loss, and trouble eating, among other symptoms. If you see your pup exhibiting any of these signs, contact your vet right away.

4. Lock yo’ stuff away!


Your pup might have pooped that tampon out this time, but you’d rather not go through that again. Intestinal blockage is no joke! Try keeping your products out of reach of any paws, or invest in those handy safety locks people use for childproofing. If your pup likes eating used sanitary products (cringe) get a trash can with a lid. Anything to keep your pup safe!

5. Crack all of the jokes.


If your dog is safely tampon/sanitary napkin/condom free and you’ve made sure to take all the steps possible so that this never happens again, go ahead and make lots of jokes. Especially if you have a wiener dog, because everyone knows having a Dachshund is just an excuse to crack inappropriate jokes all day long.

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