25 Must-Haves To Make Your New Puppy’s First Months At Home Pure Bliss

25 Must-Haves To Make Your New Puppy’s First Months At Home Pure Bliss

I’ve already gone through the whole puppy thing once, so I thought I’d be super prepared when I got a new pup! Then I realized that no matter how much you think you’re prepared, a new puppy comes at you with constant potties (not always outdoors), super sharp baby teeth, and a whole slew of unpredictable things.

But fear not, my fellow puppy lovers! Here is the ULTIMATE list of things that you will need when you bring home your new fuzzbutt. And when you do, remember to enjoy each and every second of it, because we all know they grow up way too fast!

1. Food 

This one’s a no-brainer. Feed them so they grow into happy, healthy adult dogs. Dog Food Advisor has great reviews and ratings on almost every type of dog food you can purchase.

When my belly starts to grumble, I always check to see if I can scavenger a snack around the house. I may not be a world traveler of fine dining, but I do travel around the house doing tastings along the way. My pallet can even be described as a little exotic. As I roam I’ve come across some unique and refined delicacies. Come indulge with me in some of my favorite food “tails..."

2. Food & Water Bowls

Well you’ve got to have something to put their food and water in, don’t you? We like ceramic bowls because they’re weighted and don’t get knocked over by those clumsy puppy paws. Our favorite is this Scottie dog bowl by Fenella Smith. She also has a ton of other designs you can check out in BarkShop.

scottie dog bowl

3. ID Tag 

How else are you going to remember your dog’s name? But seriously, slap your contact information on there so if someone finds your pup wandering around they can return the little bugger to you! Pick a tag that fits your pup’s pawsonality – we kinda like ’em sassy though, like this “Oh Sh*t! I’m lost” tag from Sprouts and Roots.

shit I am lost

4. Collar

Because you’ll need to hook you dog’s id tag onto something just as awesome. BarkShop has a great selection of goofy, stylish, simple depending on what your looking for.

orange collar

5. Leash 

Another essential for keeping your dogs safe, especially on walks. Who knows what would happen if you walked your unleashed pup past a squirrel book club on a Wednesday night?! (Bet you didn’t know squirrels were avid readers, did you?)

teal ombre leash

6. Bed/Crate 

Your pupper needs someplace comfy and stylish to sleep! Whether you choose to crate train your dog or designate a bed as their spot, make sure to have a setup that’s safe and familiar for him to return to each night. (Even though he’ll eventually end up taking over your bed.)

crate cover

7. Poop bags 

Because leaving poop lying in the grass and on the sidewalk is a HUGE no-no! Don’t be that person.

poop bags

8. Treats 

To fatten them up! Just kidding. You’ll need treats to train and motivate your dog and to use them for bonding time! Bring them with you to puppy class, potty time, when your pup meets new dogs and humans, and just about everywhere else you go!

If you aren’t sure which noms your new best friend would like, try BarkShop’s Treat Sampler pack and let them choose for themselves!

treat sampler 3

9. What puppy home is complete without a pile of stuffed, squeaky, rubbery, colorful toys to play with?

scout the mascot

10. Chews 

Puppies come with super sharp teeth and a knack for chewing on anything and everything. Chew toys and teething products are great for redirecting their attention to things they should be chewing on, and keeps them occupied for at least a little while.

chews barkshop

11. Calming products 

Some pups may be more anxious and nervous than others, and calming products are great for helping out if you need them. You can buy calming treats, as well as pheromone sprays, to keep your puppy calm and feeling safe. Try to find all natural ones that your veterinarian advises are safe for use.

sleepy samy

12. Vitamins & supplements 

Depending on the health and wellness of your pup, these may be helpful. The first few months are extremely important for their development! Speak with your vet to see if supplements would benefit your puppy.


13. Food storage bin 

An airtight storage container makes it easier to keep your pup’s food fresh and easily accessible. These ceramic treat jars from BarkShop are a chic way to keep your pup’s noms fresh.

Waggo Dipper Ceramic Treat Jar for Dogs | BarkShop 2016-05-10 12-04-35

14. Brush 

For those bad hair days! It’s also necessary to brush your dog (frequency depends on breed) to remove dead hairs, mats, and just to get them used to the experience. You’ll have many years of brushing ahead!

15. Shampoo 

Do not wash your dogs with your shampoo–human shampoos are not made for dogs for a reason. They can be extremely drying and end up irritating your dog’s skin, especially a puppy’s. There are so many options to choose from, so pick your favorite!


16. Nail clippers 

Start early on and get your puppy used to nail clippings. Many puppy classes teach how to introduce your fluffybutt to nail clippers. This will help your pup (and you) be less nervous when it comes to pawdicures.


17. Dental cleaning products 

A dog-specific toothbrush and doggie toothpaste will keep those pearly whites squeaky clean! Dental chews and other dental cleaning products are great for keeping on top of your dog’s oral hygiene between brushings.

Benebone Bacon Dental Chew for Dogs | BarkShop 2016-06-27 14-27-05

18. Flea, tick, & heartworm preventative 

Puppy season tends to fall in the summer, when many first-time dog owners have more time, and the weather makes potty training a little easier. This also happens to be prime bug-time, so be sure to arm your pup with parasite and insect preventatives! Additionally, heartworm prevention is a must. All it takes is a mosquito bite, and treatment is costly and miserable for the dog.


19. Puppy towel 

Keep one in your car, like this awesome travel one from BarkShop, so puppy fluff doesn’t get everywhere, and designate one, like the Dog Mop, for those lovely baths we all look forward to.

dog mop

20. Play pen or baby gates 

Exercise pens or play pens are great for potty training your pups or keeping them in a small, designated area while they’re learning the rules of the house.

dog gate 4

21. Furniture covers 

If you plan on letting your pups cuddle with you on the couch, these may be helpful in keeping your nice upholstered furniture safe from any potential accidents or pet hair.


22. Travel harness 

Keeping your pup safe in the car is a must! Travel harnesses attach to your seat belts to keep the little guys secure.


23. Outerwear (for certain breeds) 

If you live in a cold area and have a pup who is sensitive to cold weather, coats and booties may be a necessity when bringing them out to potty or on walks. Plus, it also makes them look stinkin’ cute. Seriously, just imagine your pup in this sweater!

jacquard sweater

24. Treat pouch 

A definite must for training so you can keep treats within arm’s reach–anytime, anywhere. You can find these in any store, but Etsy has some really stylish, pupdorable ones, like this one from E and J Cards and Crafts.

treat bag etsy

25. First-aid supplies 

Always be prepared for an emergency so you’re not left scrambling for supplies! You’ll need things like bandages, peroxide, etc… Check here for a complete list of items. You never know when your dog is going to get an owie and you always want to be prepared with a stylish bright pink bandage, amirite?

bandaged pupper

26. BarkBox subscription 

Where else is your one-stop-shop for toys and treats to spoil your pup?! Check it out here to get one extra-speical bow-wow worthy premium toy with any new subscription!

barkbox frenchie 2 new

Featured image via @SocialTeesNYC/Instagram.